A well-known traveler and explorer, Marco Polo headed for China along the Silk Road in the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368). The Travels of Marco Polo, dictated by him, described Chinese politics, economy, and culture in detail, which greatly aroused the desire of westerner to go to China and had a great effect on the European navigation.


'Marko POLO (venecie: Marco Polo [marko polo]) (naskiĝis la 15-an de septembro 1254, verŝajne en Venecio aŭ Korcula, Kroatio; mortis la 9-an de januaro 1324 plej frue, sed ne post junio 1325) estis komercisto kaj esploristo el Venecio, Italio.

Travel by camel to Baghdad via  24. Juli 2016 Reiseroute auf einer mittelalterlichen Weltkarte: Im Frühjahr 1271 nehmen Vater und Onkel den 17-jährigen Marco Polo mit auf ihre Reise nach  Marco Polo: Die Beschreibung der Welt 1271-1295 (National Geographic Taschenbuch, Band 40226). Detlef Brennecke  1271: Set sail on a new voyage. 1271 is a blend of various exotic fruits. On the inhale, you'll begin to salivate as the sweet blackcurrant and ripe mango arouses   Der Name Marco Polo ist heute, 750 Jahre nach seiner Geburt, ein begehrter Werbeträger.

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av övers. Bengt Thordeman. Inbunden bok. Forum. 1964.

Marco Polo?s departure from Venice in 1271 , ca 1400. Artist: Anonymous Scene from Marco Polo's Book of Marvels, early 15th century, showing merchants entering a walled town, mason and carpenter at work, a shopkeeper

In 1271, Niccolò, Maffeo and Marco Polo embarked on their voyage to fulfil Kublai's request. They sailed to Acre , and then rode on camels to the Persian port of Hormuz .

Historical Map of Marco Polo Travels Between 1271 and 1295. Credits Encyclopædia Britannica Online. Related Links About Marco Polo About John of Plano Carpini About William of Rubrouck About Kublai Khan. Related Maps Map of Mediaeval Commerce in Asia Map of the Mongol Dominions 1300-1405

Marco Polo’s main achievement was his journey on the silk road with his father in 1271. Over his time on the silk road, he has traded and collected jewels, silk, and ivory. He spread China’s creativity in the use of coal, money, and compasses to improve future exploration. Marco Polos resor i Asien 1271-1295 av Marco Polo Jan Swedén ( Talbok, Daisy ) 2003, Svenska, För vuxna Den venetianske köpmannen Marco Polo (1254-1325) dikterade som krigsfånge i Genua berättelsen om sina upplevelser i Fjärran Östern och Kina åren 1271-95. Marco Polos far hed Niccoló Polo og onklen Maffeo Polo- Marco Polo var 17 år, da han første gang så sin far, da denne vendte hjem fra Kina.

Marco polo 1271

Marco Polos resa : Ventura, Piero, 1977, 1. Marco Polos resor i Asien 1271-1295 : Marco Polo, 2003, 1. In 1271, 17-year-old Marco Polo started on a journey to China with his father and older brother. After a long and grueling journey that led through Jerusalem and  Marco Polo, Venetian merchant and adventurer who traveled from Europe to Asia in 1271–95, remaining in China for 17 of those years. The presentation of the  Fadern, farbror och son kom bra överens; två år senare, 1271, lämnade de tre igen Venedig och gick österut. Reser med sin far. Marco, hans far  In 1271, 17-year-old Marco Polo started on a journey to China with his father and older brother.
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Marco Polo gav sig ut på sin långa resa när han  I 1271 förenade Marco Polo sin far och farbror på sin resa till Asien; de tog med sig två präster. De korsade Mellanöstern och Gobi-öknen och bevittnade många  Marco Polos resor i Asien 1271-1295. av övers. Bengt Thordeman. Inbunden bok.

His travels took place from around 1271-1298.
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Resenärerna är Marco Polo, hans far och hans farbror. År 1271, efter två års väntan, tog de den 17-årige Marco med sig och återvände till 

av Marco Polo (Bok) 1982, Svenska, För vuxna Marco Polo : Öppettider for Östermalms bibliotek (Fältöversten) Marco Polo Venetian traveller and merchant, left Venice with his father and uncle in 1271. Illustrated map depicting the journey of the Venetian merchant Marco Polo along the silk road to China. bildbanksillustrationer, clip art samt tecknat material och ikoner med marco polo och hans bror återvänder via ormuz i en båt - de föra med sig en elefant - marco polo Marco Polo was just 17 when he set out with his father and uncle, Venetian merchants who had already travelled through Asia, on their return visit to the court of the Mongol, Kublai Khan, in China. From Venice, they sailed to Acre and then veered north to avoid the warzone of Palestine, which was in the middle of a crusade. Marco Polo visited Hangzhou in the late 13th century. He refers to the city as "beyond dispute the finest and the noblest in the world.".