German Twin 8.8cm FlaK Railway car. 230 kr German 7.5cm PaK50 Gun. 160 kr German Afrika Korps 15cm (Sf) Lorraine Schlepper Artillery Battery. 295 kr.


Buy Dragon DML 1/35 K5(E) Leopold German Railway Gun: Toy Vehicles - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

a WWII era 80 mm artillery gun used by Nazi germany this gun was so big it had to be carried by railroad cars and can shelll targets more than 30 km away  280mm K5(E) Railway Gun Leopold. Tillverkare: Hobby Boss Fist of War WWII German 28CM Kanone 3 Auf Lastenträger E-75. MCT-UA72192. Skala: 1/72. Free shipping for many products,Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for LEOPOLD GERMAN K-5 RAILWAY GUN MODEL 1/72 82903  1/72 80cm K Railway Gun Dora. HB82911 · 1/72 80cm Köp. 1/35 FLAK 38 20 MM ANTI AIRCRAFT GUN Köp. 1/72 German 120mm Mortar w/Crew - SNAP. Bok German Railway Gun Leopold (Jan Coen Wijnstok) - 28 Cm K5 ( E )Billiga böcker från kategori Militär~~POS=TRUNC.

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HobbyBoss 82911 – German 80cm K(E) Railway Gun “Dora” German Railway Track Set 82902 x 2; German Railway Curved Track 82910 x 2; German WR360 C12 Locomotive (to move the Schwerer Gustav) I. Flakkorps: MACO 7214 – WWII German Flakpanzer III “Wirbelwind” (2 cm Flak-Vierling 38) 2018-03-03 · During World War 1, the Krupp concern - a German industrial steel and weapons manufacturer - produced large caliber railway guns for the German Army. Their most notable creations during that span became the "Paris Gun" and large siege howitzer "Big Bertha". Scale model build Video from a captured German World War II propaganda film showing their huge railway guns in action firing on positions along the Maginot Line in the Verdun Each gun battery generally had two identical guns, one of which was in reserve. When the guns were required to fire, they were moved out of the bunker. As the guns could not traverse within their mounts on railway wagons, by using curved track the direction of fire was set. 2017-05-20 · The Krupp 80 cm Kanone (E) Schwerer Gustav / Dora was a huge railway gun developed for a need that ultimately did not exist. Although impractical, the German WWII weapon was a feat of engineering. Hobby Boss German 80cm K(E) Railway Gun 'Dora' Vehicle Model Building Kit: Toys & Games.

It was developed in the late 1930s by Krupp in Rügenwalde as siege artillery for the explicit purpose of destroying the main forts of the French Maginot Line, the strongest fortifications in existence at the time. 2018-05-18 · Wikimedia Commons A model of the Schwerer Gustav railway gun. With a caliber of 31 inches, able to fire a projectile that weighed more than 10 tons 30 miles away, the Schwerer Gustave was incredibly imposing. Two K5 guns, named "Robert" and "Leopold" by German crews, were shipped to Italy to help counter the American landing at the town of Anzio in February 1944.

the most common Railway guns used by the Germans during WW2 were the Krupp K5 and K12 class railway guns, I believe they had the capability of firing over the English Channel as well. I happen to be working on a smaller railway gun more akin to the British railway guns of WW1 and WW2 using a well car as the base.

Country of origin. The Germans only built two such monsters, but they also fielded 25 of the smaller but still formidable Krupp 28 cm Kanone 5 (E) guns—the E signifying Eisenbahnlafette (“iron railway”). These fired 562-pound shells containing either 67 or 98 pounds of TNT. From the Manufacturer Krupp's 2nd 1350 tonne WWII era railway heavy siege gun. Kit consists of 1767 parts and features accurately molded massive dual-hull superstructure, 4 bogie span bolsters (with asymmetric left and right assemblies), control room, and complex gun carriage - all supporting an exceptional weapon with rifled barrel. 4.7 out of 5 stars 146.

German railway gun

It was located on the edge of the Haguenau forest just south of the town of Rittershoffen (the photo is looking south). Schwerer Gustav (English: Heavy Gustaf, or Great Gustaf) and Dora were the names of two huge World War II German 80 cm K (E) railway siege guns. The two guns were developed in the late 1930s by Krupp, the famous German arms manufacturer.
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Fri frakt. Alltid bra  Hobby Boss 82911 modellkit German 80 cm K(E) railway gun Dora: Toys & Games. Hobbyboss 1/72 German 80cm K(E) Railway Gun Dora. Avslutad: 15 apr 05:30; Pris: 1 579 kr; Frakt: DB Schenker 120 kr; Säljare: endelmis (1 767) Mer från  Köp online GERMAN 80cm K(E) DORA RAILWAY GUN ..

German Railway Gun Leopold 28 cm K5 (E) Armor PhotoGallery Nr. 12. Jan Coen Wijnstok. Gallery. 28 cm Kanone auf E-75 Lastenträger Trumpeter 1:35.
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Railway Gun. Tank Destroyer. Rail Car. Big Guns. Military Weapons. World War One. German Army. Train Tracks. A railway gun, also called a railroad gun, is a 

Over 3,000 parts. German K5 Railway example at the Batterie Todt in France Railway guns like the German WWII K5 gun had a very narrow aim. To get around that problem, Germans developed a circular track, allowing the gun to rotate and fire in 360 degrees.